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Nintendo 64 Gold LIMITED EDITION

$300.00 to $450.00

This is the rare, thought after and highly prized, complete Japanese limited edition exclusive Gold N64 System package. This N64 was produced at 250.000 units. It is getting harder and harder to find especially in great condition. This package features...

Nintendo 64 Pikachu LIMITED EDTION

$450.00 to $750.00

Nintendo released versions of the Nintendo 64 after their successfully brand Pokemon, and its famous character Pikachu. A lot of pokemon derivated games were released on the n64 (Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Stadium II, ...) and...

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition - NES Mini - LIMITED EDITION


True classics never go out of style. The NES Classic Edition console is a miniature replica of the groundbreaking original, and features seamless compatibility with modern TVs just plug it into your TV's HDMI port, and you're ready to play!...

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Chobits LIMITED EDITION

$350.00 to $650.00

This Limited Edition Game Boy Advance system was only released in Japan. It is a light blue color and features artwork from the popular anime series Chobits. The Chobits logo is above the D-Pad and a picture of the lead...

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Gold LIMITED EDITION

$150.00 to $650.00

This Gold limited edition of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, was released alongside 3 other colors.

Nintendo Game boy Advance Jusco LIMITED EDITION


This Mario limited edition of the game boy Advance is the third in the series from retail chain Jusco of Japan. It was released only in Japan, to commemorate their 30th anniversary. This milky blue GBA edition, however, is the...

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Pokemon Suicune LIMITED EDITION


This limited edition of the Game Boy Advance was only available for a limited time exclusively from the Pokemon Center store in Japan. Considering the popularity of the two brands, they sold out quickly and became even more quickly collectibles...

Nintendo Game Boy Color - Cardcaptor Sakura LIMITED EDITION

$450.00 to $450.00

The Cardcaptor Sakura Limited Edition is a tribute to an anime series which aired in Japan between 1998 and 2000.  The Game Boy Color CardCaptor Sakura was only released in Japan. Considering the popularity of the anime, Nintendo produced a few of...

Nintendo Game Boy Color - Pokemon 3rd Anniversary LIMITED EDITION

$400.00 to $650.00

The Pokémon 3rd Anniversary limited edition is an orange and blue GBC created to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. It was sold in Japanese Pokémon Centers only and features the Generation I starters and Pikachu on the front. The...