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Apple PipP!N (Atmark Player)

$550.00 to $700.00

The Apple Bandai Pippin, stylized "PiP P!N", is a multimedia technology console, designed by Apple Computer. The console was based on the Apple Pippin platform – a derivative of the Apple Macintosh platform. Bandai produced the ATMARK and @WORLD consoles between 1996 and 1997. The goal...

Amiga CD 32

$550.00 to $800.00

The Commodore Amiga CD32 was known to be one of the first 32-bit game consoles. It was released in Europe, Australia, Canada and Brazil around 1993. Among some of the features of the system are it's CD storage basis for...

Goldstar 3DO

$900.00 to $900.00

The Goldstar 3DO looks similar to the Panasonic FZ-1 and featured a similar front-loading try.  It even included a certificate to send in with a roll of film for custom-made photo CDs from Goldstar.

Panasonic 3DO FZ-10


Panasonic FZ-10 R·E·A·L 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Japan, North America and Europe) – Released in November 11, 1994 (a year after the FZ-1), it is a less expensive, slimmer and lighter model and replaced the FZ-1 in Panasonic's portfolio. The FZ-10...

Panasonic 3DO FZ-1

$550.00 to $900.00

The original edition of the console, the FZ-1, was referred to in full as the 3DO REAL Interactive Multiplayer. The console had advanced hardware features at the time: an ARM60 32-bit RISC CPU, two custom video co-processors, a custom 16-bit...

Nintendo Game Boy - Original

$300.00 to $400.00

The Game Boy is a Nintendo manufactured portable handheld released initially in 1989.It was the first dedicated 8-bit handheld system from the company using interchangeable cartridges to play many different titles.  It features a 2.6" 4-shade LCD, stereo sound through headphones, and interchangeable cartridges. The button...